FED Minecraft

Why us?

We are aiming this project to become a full functioning civilization, with people made cities, cultures, religions, guilds and much more! We wanna see how far we can go from absolute 0 into creating a thriving world. We are slowly building bases, lore, experimenting with more content. If you like to start things from almost nothing and make something great while surrounded by like minded people - our server is perfect for you!

Who are we?

The Federation is a well established adult community across multiple games and genres since 2018. In Minecraft we are a small and super friendly community, looking for new friends! All of the people currently playing are friendly, always down for a chat and create overall warm environment. If you are overwhelmed by big servers, with p2w mechanics and bunch of features - you will not find it here. We do have plugins and features, but its all to make game feel a little more exploration and adventure based, as well helping server builders with integrating shop to aquire resources with INGAME currency. Our discord server is place where the magic happens - Apply now via discord: The Federation

Minecraft server information

This server is accessible to everyone who applies in our community discord. Server is on 1.20.2, the newest release, does not require to install any mods, meaning you can log in without any issues as long as your account is valid (not cracked). Several of the plugins are: Terralith, EliteMobs, McMMO, Economy, Blaze and caves advancement pack, Mob heads, DiscordSRV, Dynmap plugin with a claim system, Vanilla structures updated, mob heads and more! We also have roleplay guidelines, to delay endgame and increase overall fun time in game! Client sided mods are definitely allowed, as long as its not exploiting the game, like xray for example. Must clarify that this is not PVP server, however agreed on PVP is allowed. It is a chill place where people come to hang out together and build, explore, have fun. We aiming for this project to be a long term community hangout place.

Current community

We have active admins, who help players instantly, solve issues and bugs. Content is being updated the minute updates come out. Constant testing is being performed. If you have any issue, even if its a silly death, we will always help you out. We have about 10 players who play very actively, in total up to 20 people logged in at some point. Since this project is very new, the community is still small, but thats the reason why YOU could look forward to join us! Our community are mature grown ups, from all sides of the world, bonded together by the passion of playing video games together. We are exceptionally known to care for each other, help out whenever we can, and since the community is not massive, you can be sure that you will receive a warm welcome and find people to talk to anytime.

How to join us

    1. Join The Federation discord The Federation
    2. Agree to community rules (you should be automatically given community member role)
    3. Find a channel called #role-request and choose to apply to minecraft
    4. Complete a tiny 3 question application (on question where it asks about if you have friends in FED, type that you came here from minecraft forums)
    5. Wait until application is accepted (couple of minutes to an hour depends if admins are sleeping)
After application is accepted, head to minecraft section and find channel server rules, agree on them aaaaand youre good to go!

If you find this confusing, you can contact @frossting (Frossting#7213) on discord and I will patiently walk you through the process! I will also answer any questions you have in comments! We are super excited to meet all of you!