Creating your own city

FED server offers limitless possibilities of what to do in the game. Spawn doesnt have to be the only place where you pay taxes, trade with villagers and get money for your goods. With that being said, we have came up with idea to allow players to create their own cities!

That means, you can be a mayor, administrate farms, permissions and land taxes, create shops, and much more. However, your city will need to obtain a city status to unlock all these perks.

How to obtain city status?

1) Have at least 5 active citizens (real life players) in your city.

2) Have city-like buildings, such as town hall, shop, citizen houses, blacksmith, guildhouses, pvp arena, hotel, infrastructure etc. Also optional builds allowed.

3) Present admins with plan of your city. For example, how much you would charge for land, how much will farm permissions will cost, rules on pvp in your city etc.

4) Play on the server for at least 3 weeks and be an active community member.

Building a city:

1) Until city is built and is given city status, land taxes have to be paid. They will be refunded back, once city is given its status.

2) City can be expanded and upgraded, and buildings can be demolished, but the second city loses its townhall, it loses the city status.

3) Communicating with admins is optional, but let us know about your plans and we can figure out some plugins, for example economy ones, to be integrated into your city.


These guidelines are the ones people voted for. If you feel something is unfair and killing your vibe for playing, please contact admins. We feel like adding some sense of role playing into the game will make it way more interesting to play, adds a story and makes people overall happy in the long run. No one likes to see servers die after 3 weeks of being live, right?

1) Players will have to pay for land. It wont be a tax, but 1 time payment only.
Each player will get 4 chunks of land for free, where they decide to settle. We will like to ask players to mark it with land claiming plugin to avoid the land being griefed and to make claim visible.

However if you want to have more land than just 4 starter chunks, each additional chunk will cost 50$. Purchases are to be made in spawn or by contacting admins.

2) Big farms will have to obtain permission before being built. This includes big iron farms, automatic moss and other farms, massive sugarcane/bamboo etc farms.

Reasoning - big farms are made very easily, and generate way too much thats ever needed for one person, also its non stop. Its way too easy to have all resources at day 2.

Players are allowed to have automatic farms, if they aren't bigger than 7x7x25(height) blocks area. Non automatic farms, such as crops, aren' limited, but they cannot be set up with villagers.

Important to know, auto smelters and sorters are considered as farms!

Permissions for farms have varied price, and can be bought in spawn or by contacting admin team.

3) Villager guidelines

Players aren't allowed to have villager trading centers in their base, BUT each base can have 5 villagers of their choice they can trade with (they can be zombified and cured for discounts)

We dont want people to be fully restricted from having villagers, but having trading centers is killing servers. People obtain OP gear and tools way too fast - we want to give people opportunity explore other items aswell, for example the ones added by elitemobs plugin as well as special skills that are unlocked after getting to certain levels in mcmmo.


4) Experience farms

Big experience farms, such as enderman, zombie pigmen, drowned farms etc. are prohibited, unless a very expensive permission is obtained.

However, players are allowed to have OG minecraft farms, such as reworking a spawner room into a farm, or a small tower farms. Limited to one per base, and can be built for free.

Experience farms are also helping to reach endgame way too easy, but once again we dont feel like prohibiting people from a certain game mechanic. However other plugins, such as mob heads or elite mobs are also gonna be exploited if we let big farms to be executed.

5) Elytras

Elytras will be limited per person, as you all voted so. 2 elytras per person is a valid number, because if you die, you may have a spare one. However if you lose elytra, you have a valid reason to get a new one.

We feel like it would be unfair to have one person hoard all elytras in close range, and then sell them for ridiculous prices.

6) Obtaining money

Servers spawn city (and future players cities) will have places, where you can buy and sell various goods.

Currency can be obtained in 2 ways:
   1) Selling requested goods in spawn
   2) Trading your diamonds into the currency
   3) Getting paid for your work

With the obtained currency, you can then buy various stuff from the spawn shops, such as materials, tools, permissions and much more.

7) Guilds

There is 2 types of guilds that will exist in the server - the guild added by elite mobs, called adventurers guild, that's ran by NPC's and player made guilds.

Player made spawn guilds include:
   1) Hunter's guild - home of warriors, fighters, people skilled in PVE action
   2) Alchemists guild - place where the greatest and aspiring potion brewer's join together
   3) Mercenaries guild - guild for people, who want to help others to do tasks, battle their battles and fetch various items for a payment.


Since role-playing capabilities is as limitless as minecraft world is, you can create your own guild, banner, advertisements. It can be a cult, a religion, anything you come up with! If your idea is unique and brilliant, we, admins, gonna go extra mile to create a custom title for your guild.


We got some neat plugins that can easily let us navigate people bases, see if they are following the rules and guidelines. We dont like punishing people.... And we want everyone to have a fun time on the server.

With that being said, if we spot some kind of violation, for example a farm built without permission, we will first contact the person, and if he fails to listen, we will need to take action in removing the said parts.